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Property Management

Making your life simple - you're in good hands

We know property management can be stressful and that's why our aim at Drummonds Property is to make your life easier and protect you legally.

To help us do this we offer our Landlords an online portal. You will have instant access anywhere in the world on any device. You can securely login and have instant overview of your property.

The app is perfect for your Tenants also, they can report maintenance directly to the app and you can keep track of how it's being dealt with through the app. 

You can view all your property documents in one place and see all your statements, and download past statements and invoices.

We focus on protecting you legally, so we will ensure you have all your paperwork in place to comply with regulations. We'll also make sure you never have to worry about your Tenants not paying rent, or any maintenance issues. You can rest assured you're in good hands.

Because we know all Landlords have different requirements, we have different management options to suit you. Have a look at the services available below and see how we can make your life better.

Property Management: Rent
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