At Home

The Selling Process

Selling your home is no easy feat. You're selling memories and it's personal. We promise to respect your home and we understand the emotional attachment. We are honoured that you are entrusting us with this.

1. We know your home is priceless, our valuation is simply based on commodities and the local area

2. We'll arrange photographs that really show off your property, along with floor plans - We can also assist with an EPC should you need it

3. We'll set you up with your personal property login, so you can stay with us every step of the way

4. We'll feed all offers through to you, for you to make a decision on

5. It's so exciting and yet slightly nostalgic, you've accepted an offer

6. We now need your solicitors details - Don't worry, we can recommend if you need us to

7. We'll draft the memorandum of sale and send it out to all parties and we'll provide your solicitor with the Lease or Deed

8. There will always be communication from us, so check the portal or come in and see us. Either way, we'll make sure we update you weekly

9. We'll arrange a completion date and handle the exchange

10. You did it! I know it's sad, but you have new adventures and new memories to make

11. Click here to start your journey