Due to the attempt to control expenses, many Landlords have opted out of choosing Drummonds Property to manage their property. However, they have later found that the options elsewhere were not as cost effective as originally believed. We have had a recent increase in demand from Landlords requesting us to assist with Tenant issues.

Whilst Drummonds Property may seem not to be the most financially viable option, we are cost effective. We pride ourselves on quality, customer service and contingencies.

One of the main issues Landlords seem to be facing is counter-claims from evictions using disrepair. Unfortunately the alternative options, did not advise the Landlords of the importance of some things.

These are my top tips to help you, should a disrepair claim be brought against you.


The reason you should always get an inventory done, especially by a third party [so that there is no room for duplicity] is that you have a record of what the property was like before your Tenant moved in.

Tenancy Agreement Clauses

Your Tenancy Agreement should specifically state what the Tenants responsibility are. Structural issues will not be the Tenants responsibility no matter what the Tenancy Agreement says, as Statutory Legislation takes precedent. However, as an example it is good for the Tenant to know that should they block the toilet they need to call a plumber, and that this is not something the Landlord will cover.


Please please please, keep a record of all the repairs that have been carried out on the property and all the receipts. This is very important, specifically in Disrepair Claims. Keeping a detailed log, not just for repairs is a necessity for resolving disputes.


As human beings we trust people and want to interact with people in a friendly manner, however Tenants do not have the same interests as the Landlord, please bear this in mind. Your property is a business investment, treat it as such. You can obviously be nice to your Tenants, but if you must call your Tenants reiterate your conversation by text and email. This goes for all business dealings, not just property. Always put any conversation you have in writing! And for the really big things, send an email. Have a phone call about it later, but still follow up with an email confirming the conversation. When writing your email, remember this could be admissible in Court so keep it professional.

Damp & Mould

Damp and mould is the responsibility of the Landlord regardless of the scenario. Save yourself an expensive court case and just get it done.

Evicting your Tenant can be a headache that no one wants, however be prepared for a counter-defence and be prepared to submit all documentation to prove, that your Tenancy was issued correctly such as:

  • Tenancy Agreement

  • EPC

  • Gas Safety

  • EICR

  • Smoke/Co2 Alarm checks

  • Deposit Certificate

  • Deposit Prescribed Information

If you're having a problem evicting your Tenant, or just a problem with your Tenant such as non-payment of rent, please feel free to give us a call: 0208 138 1990.

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