Jamaican Property Market - How to rent a Property in Jamaica

Asou may or may not know, Drummonds Property offers property solutions internationally, with a keen focus on the UK and Jamaica.

Did you know that similar to the UK licensing scheme that started in 2017, Jamaica has a Landlord registration system that dates back to 1944! Meaning, that technically Jamaica was ahead of the UK in regards to regulating the Letting & Property Management system.

Under the Rent Restriction Act [RRA] all Landlords should register with the Rent Assessment Board [RAB]. You can do so using this link https://rentassessmentboardjm.com/determination-of-standard-rent/.

RAB also sets a standard increase of rent to 7.5% per year. Anything further requires a further application to RAB.

Unlike the UK the process of evicting a Tenant is pretty straightforward, there is a simple Notice to Quit. You can evict on the following grounds:

  • Rent over 30 days late

  • Breach of Tenancy

  • Misconduct

  • Sale

  • Residence by the Landlord, etc

No court action can be taken before 30 days.

If you are choosing an Agent in Jamaica, make sure that they are licensed under the Real Estate Board [REB].

Drummonds Property Limited is a UK based company and we are currently not licensed under the Real Estate Board, however we are taking steps to become licensed. Drummonds can assist with all your Property needs in Jamaica and the UK. We are based in Jamaica and the UK.

If you have any queries about Property in Jamaica or the UK, please feel free to contact us:

+1 876 791 1182

+44 208 138 1990

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