Do you have an empty property in Jamaica or the rest of the world?

Have you been trying to sell your property in Jamaica or the rest of the world for a while?

Welcome to Airbnb!

I mean that is a simplistic way to bunch everything in. But to give you an idea, this includes,, etc.

In 2016 Airbnb signed an agreement with Jamaica to boost the tourism on the Island. Airbnb was available in Jamaica before but it wasn't as widely used. In 2018 the Prime Minister announced that Airbnb in Kingston had made their hosts an estimated $2.4 million in 2017. And that's just Kingston!

We specialise in the North Coast and Kingston, however we have Airbnb's all over the island and the world!

To give you an example of how lucrative it can be, we signed up a host at the end of July. The next day they had bookings. The Client was booked out with no breaks until 6th September. This particular Client made £4,000.00 in a short space of time. Her Airbnb didn't even have AC! [Please note we used Airbnb and for the bookings.]

So you're interested, how do you get started?

We offer a set up service. This service includes, but is not limited to, us visiting your property and giving you a report on what will make it a viable booking. We'll also take photographs that will get your property booked out!

If you don't want to use our services, the first thing you should do is make sure your property is viable. Make sure all repairs are done and that you have toiletries such as toilet paper and sanitisers. A fresh paint of coat never hurt anyone. Then take some amazing photos. If you need help with any of this, we'll be happy to assist.

You have your photos now what?

Here comes the time consuming part.

If you're using Drummonds, no need to worry about a thing. We'll set you up on Google, Tripadvisor,,, Airbnb, etc. We'll even build you a website for bookings so you don't have to pay those fees for repeat bookings.

If you want to do it yourself you'll need to upload your photos and create a property write up. You'll also need a scheduler, so that when someone books on one portal it automatically blocks out the dates on all portals.

We're live!

Ok you're live. Share with all your friends and family. No more people expecting to stay for free unless you want them to. Any queries direct them to us.

If you're doing this yourself you should still share. Might be good to set up social media accounts dedicated directly to your new venture.

The extras

We have Cleaners, House Managers, Handy Men, Inventories, Plumber all on our books. We also manage all bills. This means from your income we'll pay JPS, NWC, Housing Associations, Flow/Digicel, etc. You no longer have to fund your property from your own pockets or wages abroad.

Every month we'll send your statement, along with your invoices and receipts. Then we'll transfer your income or hold it on account, this is up to you.

If you're doing this yourself, you will need a Cleaner, Caretaker and Handyman at the minimum.


We got this. We're experienced and we have everything covered. We're on the ground in Jamaica and did you know we even manage Airbnb's in Cyprus and Cape Verde?

If you need help throughout any of your process, doing it yourself give us a call and we'll endeavour to assist you.

Welcome to the family!

+44 208 138 1990

+44 7557 361 763

+1 876 791 1182

99 High Street, Thornton Heath, CR7 8RY

4 North Avenue, Kingston 4

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